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2008 Readers Choice
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Pan Asia - Baldwin
Best Chinese Cuisine
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2007 Readers Choice
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Pan Asia - Baldwin
Restaurant - Chinese
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Gateway Newspapers


The Best Chinese & Japanese Cuisine in the Pittsburgh Area.

Pan Asia is both a casual and a fine dining restaurant. We proudly serve modern Chinese and Japanese Cuisine. Our mission is to bring you the authentic and unique taste of Chinese and Japanese cooking by perfectly balancing our special sauces with our ingredients that will surely excite your taste buds.

Pan Asia offers a wide variety of food selections that will definitely get your appetite kicking into high gear. From our famous General Tso's Chicken to our unique Dragon and Phoenix Sushi Roll, we welcome you to browse our menu selections and find the the Asian cuisine that you'll absolutely crave.

Pan Asia has a full sushi bar, spacious dining room, banquet rooms and also offers catering for all your special occasions. So, if you're looking for a place to go for take out, lunch, dinner, or a place to hang out, then Pan Asia is the place to be.

Profile: Pan Asia's Head Chef

Chef Wen Chun Yu

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-Voted as one of the top five Chefs by Monroeville Magazine due to his extensive knowledge of Shanghai, Szechuan and Taiwanese cooking to the menu.

-A native of Taiwan, started studying with a master chef when just a youth. "I learned step by step. It is the ancient way to learn slowly and to learn perfectly".

- Chef Yu feels it is very important to make the food appeal to all senses. "The colors of the food will attract the appetite of the diner. The aroma will increase that appetite. After the first taste, they will want to return to your table again and again."

- Word to cook by : "Be original, be patient, be organized and keep a clean kitchen. A successful chef is one who knows his technique and practices these steps."

Visit us and taste the delicious and beatiful creations by our culinary master!!


Pan Asia Chinese & Japanese Restaurant
5321 Clairton Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa 15236
Tel. 412.885.8880 Fax 412.885.3281

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